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Suppliers Silver Creek Vineyard

Silver Creek Vineyard

REGION: California

Wines Type
Case Bianche Prosecco Ex Dry Sparkling, White
Wildbacher Coli Trevigiani Red

“I’m leaving. I am going to become a singer and when I will return I will build a winery and dedicate it to you.” Al Bano pronounced this sentence to his father, Don Carmelo when he decided to leave his small hometown Cellino San Marco, situated in the heart of the Salento region, and leave poverty. He kept his promise. This is how the Cantine of Al Bano Carrisi are born, with the first line of white wine named after his father, “Don Carmelo”. Today the Cantine produce 10 different lines of wine, a grappa, Brut and an excellent olive oil. The wines vary between whites, reds and rosès, earned from a range of 40 to 75 year old vineyards comprehending Primitivo, Negramaro, Salice Salentino, Chardonnay and Aleatico. When I was a child, Don Carmelo, my father took me to the vineyard and taught me how to free it from weeds. "If you give to the earth, the earth gives back to you" he said to me. His then that i understood, that even before wine, it is the vine that gives you a taste of wisdom. I have dedicated this wine to "My Old Saviour", it helps me to rediscover the wornth of affection and the colour of the years. The love and respect for the earth is a principle that Al Bano has learned since birth. Born from a family of farmers, the singer has never lost those values and demands them as the main objective in the production of his wines

The characteristics of the soil, the rigorous local tradition and the vast stretches of vineyards cultivated in rows guarantee the top quality of the grapes. These are monitored at the origin to ensure that the product is picked and processed in the precise moment of its’ ripening. Wise and expert hands follow each phase of the production, from the picking of selected grapes to the aging in barrels made of oak wood. Al Bano is very proud of this process, because a good wine has to be looked after with love, passion and respect for the laws of nature. This is why the Cantine Al Bano Carrisi, although it has adopted the new technological requirements of wine-making, are the symbol and tangible proof of a wine-civilization that has been handed down from generations. For the sake of a genuineness that encompasses the historical and cultural roots of a way of life.

Puglia is a land of very ancient wine traditions. The Apulian planes have been a sanctuary for grapevines and olive trees since the times of the Phoenecians and Ancient Greeks. Homer himself refers to this region as a place of “Eternal Spring” and it was these particular climatic conditions to favor an abundance and variety of refined wines. The farming of the grapevine was already performed since the Greek colonization in the VIII century B.C. In ancient times, Puglia was the wine cellar of the Roman Empire with its production of wine and olive oil, whose very refined qualities are still appreciated today.