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Suppliers Paolo e Noemia d Amico

Paolo e Noemia d Amico

Region: Lazio

Wines Type
Seiano Rosso Red
Seiano Bianco White

In the heart of Tuscia, bordering on Tuscany, Lazio and Umbria, a land with an ancient tradition of wine-making, a dynamic company is putting down roots: a company committed to seeking out refined and elegant aromas and fragrances. Paolo, from a ship-owning family, and Noemia, a Brazilian of Portuguese origin, have chosen to devote themselves to their love of the land and the search for superior taste and quality.

The passion and the desire to create attractive and exciting wines has given birth to Paolo and Noemia d' Amico's company on an estate lying in the wonderfully green Vaiano valley. Here, a combination of patience, discipline and a passion for vine growing together with favourable climatic conditions have produced fine elegant wines in a blend that is both surprising and seductive and which has easily captivated the palates of the most celebrated and demanding wine experts.

Today, Paolo and Noemia d'Amico's company is one of the most interesting on the Italian wine scene. Its wines are deservedly to be found in the cellars of the best wine bars.