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Suppliers De Paolo By Sacchetto

De Paolo By Sacchetto

Region: Veneto

Wines Type
Prosecco Sparkling, White
Prosecco Brut Sparkling, White
Pinot Grigio  
Pinot Noir  

The DalPiave, Amici and DiPaolo variety of wines from Veneto is produced by the Cantine Sacchetto in the area where the provinces of Padova, Treviso and Venice meet. This part of the Veneto region is primarily agricultural and is responsible for the majority of this variety of grapes produced in the region.


Cantine Sacchetto was founded by the late Sisto Sacchetto in the early 20s. The change into a modernly run and structured Azienda did not start until the 1980s under the vigilance of Filiberto Sacchetto. Today, Filiberto and his son Paolo still handle the selection of the wines and follow the winemaking process.

The recently modernized facility is capable of producing large quantities of wine, respecting the tradition and implementing the most advanced technology to achieve a high quality product. All varieties are cold fermented in stainless steel to preserve the freshness of the fruit. As an added guarantee of freshness, the wines are kept in refrigerated tanks until the time an order arrives. The wines are then bottled and left in bottles for a few weeks and finally shipped to their final destination. This extra step stretches the freshness of the vintage and is very important for wines of this type, which are meant to be consumed young and loaded with fruity character.