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Region Italy : Veneto Col Sandago Case Bianche Prosecco Ex Dry

Case Bianche Prosecco Ex Dry

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Supplier: Col Sandago
Region: Veneto-Italy
Alcohol%: 11.50
Volume: 750 ml
Type: Sparkling, White
Year: NV
Class: DOC



This lovely sparkling wine is produced entirely from Prosecco grapes in the "Method Charmat." The delicate, yet very fragrant grapes are pressed slowly with a soft pneumatic pres and fermented in vertical stainless steel fermenters armed with double pistons. The juice is left in extended contact with the yeast and the second fermentation is made in the vats (Method Charmat). Many producers of Prosecco will blend some older juice in with the new vintage, but Col Sandago prefers the fresh style of the young wine and bottles each vintage separately.

Prosecco has become the most popular wine in Italy, particularly preferred by the young or the young at heart. The vivacious character and gentle effervescence of the wine and its slight off-dry quality makes it a great palate opener. The citrus flavors and good acid balance enables it to also complement food very well. Prosecco is the wine that Italians prefer before the meal, waiting for a table at a restaurant or as an aperitif. It is also the wine for the end of the meal, when everyone has had enough wine and they are ready for something refreshing.