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Region Italy : Veneto Col Sandago

Col Sandago

REGION: Veneto

Wines Type
Case Bianche Prosecco Ex Dry Sparkling, White
Wildbacher Coli Trevigiani Red

Colsandago is the name of the hill where the finest vineyards of the Martino Zanetti Estate are situated. This landscape is characterized by rolling hills interspersed by sudden drops that cleave down to the base rock, a limestone conglomerate originally deposited by glaciers. The soil is a limestone-based clay which is ideal for growing the best wines. A series of mountains at the north of the estate, called "Prealpi Trevigiane" offers a natural protection from the northern winds. The southern exposure of the hillside vineyards, which rise between 750 and 900 feet, is another factor that culminates in the creation of an ideal microclimate for growing vines.


The team of talented winemaker Enrico Moschetta and his famous consultant Franco

Bernabei are "pumping out" some highly prized juice. The total production of the winery is currently about fifty thousand cases. Colsandago's largest production is dedicated to Prosecco, as they are located in the heart of the DOC area. The smallest product is the Wilbacher. In total, the winery produces eleven types of wines, including a barrel fermented sparkling Chardonnay produced with the traditional Methode Champenoise style. The other whites include the "Costa dei Falchi" and a classic Bordeaux blend called "Camoi."

The winery started and expansion program which will continue for the next few years. Some new Prosecco and Wilbacher vineyards have been planted and were already implemented with the 2002 production. More vineyards are scheduled to be planted this year. Also this year, a project for a new winery will start. This includes the restructuring of the historic country houses annexed to the current winery.