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Region Italy : Toscana Ghibello by Uggiano

Ghibello by Uggiano

Region: Toscana
Contact: Giacomo Fossati

Wines Type
Ghibello Chianti Red
Chianti Riserva Red
Toscana Red

The only Italian wine which can boast to have a very sound tradition is, without any doubt, the CHIANTI. In fact this wine was produced and commercialised abroad with success by the Florentine partriarchal families already in the XIV century.

Next to Montespertoli castle, in the majestic context of monasteries, churches, country houses and villas, rise the Azienda Uggianos cellars. The vineyards of the Company spread out along the slopes which join the village of the Montespertoli with Montagnana, San Casciano V.P. and San Vincenzo a Torri, at an altitude of 250-300 m. above sea level.

Eighty percent of the Uggianos production is served at the finest restaurants in the world and the wines are always synonymous with quality, being a testimony of the tradition and of the riches of the territories where this marvellous wine takes life.

The Azienda Uggiano offers 1st Class wines, bottled after at least 12 months of preservation in oak barrels, traditional oak casks or in stainless steel tanks until the bouguet raches the right point of aging. The wines are constantly controlled in order to keep under observation the sensory characteristics.