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Ca De Medici

REGION: Emilia Romagna
Contact: Marica Medici

Wines Type
Lambrusco Cubista Rosato Sparkling, Blush
Lambrusco Cubista Bianco Sparkling, White
Lambrusco Cubista Rosso Sparkling, Red
Rubigalia Malvasia Dolce White
Oblio Notturno Dolce  
Quercioleto Rosso Red
Quercioleto Bianco White
Grasparossa Remigio 100 Sparkling, Red
Sorbara Remigio 101 Extra Brut Sparkling, Rosé

Ca' De' Medici is a family owned cantina that has been able to integrate their long lasting tradition of Sparkling Wine making (the Charmat Style) to the newest technology available. Ca' De' Medici, today is a modern azienda, run by the dynamic and charismatic Marica Medici.

Ca' De' Medici produces an abundance of 250,000 cases a year of consistently good quality wine. Its state-of-the-art facility has the ability to store very large quantities of wine in perfect condition until it is ready to be put through the effervescence formation.

Lambrusco comes from the ancient Roman vine 'Vitis Labrusca' (wild vine). It is only in the 19th Century that a particular genetic strain of the vine emerged and became prevalent thanks to natural selection and viticulture practices. Sub-varieties include:

  • Lambrusco Salamino
  • Lambrusco Montericco
  • Lancellotta
  • Lambrusco Marani
  • Lambrusco Maestri
  • Lambrusco di Sorbara
  • Lambrusco Grasparossa
  • Malbo Gentile, and other traditional Lambrusco grapes

There are five DOC Lambrusco produced in the region and they are normally a blend of these various sub-varieties. Ca' De' Medici specializes in four of the five; Reggiano, Vulcano, Sorbara, and Gasparosso. There are very strict DOC regulations governing all aspects of Lambrusco from its alcohol content and the color of its froth to whether or not it has a cork top. A Lambrusco with a screw cap does not qualify for its DOC, even though it is identical to that with the traditional cork and wire cage finish).

Besides the Lambrusco, the Azienda produces other sparkling style wines like Malvasia Dolce and a blend of Lambrusco and Cabernet called Oblio. There are several types of Lambrusco made: Dolce, S. Giacomo and Terra Calda.

Lambrusco is primarily produced in the Val di Padana, which lies between Piacenza and Bologna. Ca' De' Medici has chosen to produce their grapes in the beds of alluvial soil and gravel around Reggio. Here the terrain produces Lambruscos noted for having more color, aroma and structure.