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Rose Importing Wine


It is a delicate balance between nature and science and the result of hundreds of years of experience. 

A fine wine is the end-product of history mixed with some aspects of modern day technology.

Quality winemaking is an ever-changing process, the tradition of a family, the instinct of a winemaker, and a great deal of patience. In the end, it's the juice of a grape combined with the work of a lifetime - time well spent.

Rose Importing selects only the finest wines from the most respectable wineries of Italy. These wineries take great pride in their product, rife with flavor and tradition. If you want to enjoy a bit of Italy, take some time to discover the wines we have to offer.

Joe Talarico and his wife Annette are constantly striving to bring the proud tradition of Italian wines to your home. If you’re seeking the authentic taste of Italy, you're in the right place.